By performing a Vulnerability Assessment, various aspects associated with web applications, externally accessible hosts as well as the internal network of an organisation can be assessed to identify and list all security vulnerabilities they pose to the organisation.


Unlike an actual penetration test where time, as well as effort, plays a significant role, a vulnerability assessment is an automated process driven by toolsets. Vulnerability assessments are cost-effective and can produce a list of security vulnerabilities in a shorter time frame.

By enabling the active scanning and profiling of devices connected to the network will assist in the identification of known vulnerabilities and configuration issues within the configuration of those devices (such as open ports, network services, and anti-virus/OS patch deficiencies, default accounts).

key benefits

Vulnerability Assessments identifies vulnerabilities and risks on your web applications, mobile applications, as well as your internal infrastructure.

It tests and validates the effectiveness of current security efforts and controls.

It quantifies the risk to the external and internal systems.


Provides detailed remediation steps for each vulnerability as well as identifying existing flaws and prevent future attacks.


It validates the effectiveness of the current external and internal security as well as system updates/upgrades.


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