Red Team Ethical Hacking

A Red Team is a group of ethical White-Hat hackers that simulates real-world attack simulations against an organisation’s digital infrastructure to assess and improve the effectiveness of an entire organisations information security program.


A successful defensive posture requires a comprehensive program of effective policies and governance, strong technical defences, and appropriate action by people. In a complex environment where technology is continuously evolving, and new attacker tradecraft appears regularly, organizations should periodically test their defences to identify gaps and to assess their readiness by conducting penetration testing.

Red Team exercises take a comprehensive approach at the full spectrum of organization policies, processes, and defences to improve organizational readiness, improve training for defensive practitioners, and inspect current performance levels. Independent Red Teams can provide valuable and objective insights about the existence of vulnerabilities and the efficacy of defences and mitigating controls already in place and even of those planned for future implementation.

key benefits

Understand the impact of a security breach.

Discover weakness in your development and testing processes.

Test your incident response capabilities.

Identify vulnerabilities in applications and systems.

Demonstrate security controls, justify security spending.


South Africa (Pretoria, Cape Town) ,

USA (Delaware),

Asia (Hong Kong) ,

Central Africa (DRC)